Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Creepy Number 23......

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Wow, Jim Carrey doing a serious movie, ain't that rare. OK, the story is about a guy named Walter Sparrow who is obsessed withe the number 23, yup, and the funny thing is, the number 23 is an amazing number in our lives as a lot of things revolve around that number, you can have a try and see, adding 4 numbers up, or doing weird things with numbers, for example, 85507, 8+5+5+7=23, something like that, try it, its fun. Anyway, everything started when Walter Sparrow's wife found a book entitled, The Number 23, and somehow, Walter found a connection between him and the character of the book and starts to go insane about the number that is 23, because everything in his life adds up to 23, from his name, to his social security number, to his car license plate, everything adds up to 23, the story is very creative and will have the tendency of gluing you to your seat as you wait for the story to unfold. The scary thing about this movie is that, the people in the cinema that were watching this movie when Han Phin and I went and watch, were seating on seats 11 and 12 which of course has a connection to the numbers 2 & 3 no matter how you add it, example: 11+ 12=23, 1+1+1+2=5 5=2+3 1+1;2+1 2;3 all the numbers are added up to 23!!! Something more, we watched it on the of April 2007, where if you cut of the 2 0's, you get 27 and 4, 27-4= 23 ......

So spooky.......there is something about this number 23 eh, Tungz signing off..... remember

Monday, April 16, 2007

Recent Gaming

Lolz, these few days have been busy for me, have to prepare for the concert on the 28th, its called Shower Of Petals, its a Buddhist concert held at Masyarakat Penyayang, starting at 7pm(hehe, take this moment to advertise, lolz). And so many games to play, lolz, before my holiday ends anyway. OK here are the games I've been playing recently.

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I know, I know, its an old game dating back to 2002, but its still quite a blast to play. The story is interesting, game play not too shabby, voice overs are pretty good and plenty of stuff to do in the game, mini games and side-quests alike. You play as a Jedi in the game and will be given the choice to choose between the light side and the dark side, whether you want to become a jedi master, or a sith Lord, pretty cool eh!!! I've played the second installment of this game but never played the original, so thought I'd give it a try, hahaz, and it WAS fun, though sometimes the controls drive you nuts as the characters will suddenly go stagnant while enemies pound on ya, I mashed my keyboard during that point, hehe...

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Next are Wii games, and this game I gotta tell ya, oozes coolness!!! The speed of this game is magnificent and the controls aren't too shabby either. You play as Sonic who is out to save the world of the Arabian Nights(you're fighting in a book by the way...) from the evil sorcerer Erazor who i out to "Erase" the pages of the Arabian Nights, meaning no more bedtime stories for us, OH NO!!!! A genie called Shahra called upon the prophesied hero that was meant to save the world of the Arabian Nights and that hero was called....."The Blue Hedgehog", hmmm, I wonder who that could be..... OH, I know, its Sonic isn't it?! Yeah I win!!!(so lame....) Anyway, this time Sonic himself is in grave danger as he only have a limited time to collect the Seven World Rings and save the World. Its pretty funny cause there are so many characters from the Sonic universe that cameo's as characters from the Arabian Nights, example: Tails as Alibaba, Eggman as the king where the stories are being told to(sorry, forgot his name). Sonic is also against a formidable foe as Erazor has a power that would make Sonic's speed totally useless, that is to slow down everything around him, did not finish the game yet, so here ends the story of Sonic and the Secret rings!!!

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Wario, hehehe, that is what greets me whenever I turn on the game. In Wario, you are required to do a lot of different moves on order to play the mini-games in the game. It has a bout 100+ games inside this little DVD, but the games only takes you like 10 seconds to finish. Its like a marathon of games and you have to play the games more and more quickly as you progress further in the game. Its not exactly easy and its quite a challenge. There are funny positions where you have to put your controller on the side of your body like a samurai or put it on your nose like an elephant, or juz leave it on the table and pick up the controller when the phone rings(its a game). Hard to explain this game, maybe if you click here you'd get a better picture of how the game is played, lolz. Ok, next and last game

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This is actually an amped up version of the old SNES Mario which is super cool by the way. This time, Mario levels up although you're playing a 2D game, and it affects his attacks and his health, the higher his level, the higher both his attacks and health get. Don't be fooled by the 3+, this is a very fun game for those who like RPG and yes, its a Role-Playing-Game. The newest thing about this game, is that you can actually use Mario to spin the game into 3D perspective, but, for a limited amount of time, once your time is up, its 1 HP gone. You can also play as other characters, such as Princess Peach and King Bowser, the big turtle guy in Mario games(the bad guy, but this time good). The story is that you must face Count Bleck and his minions who are out to open The Void and suck in all the worlds, to fulfill the Dark Prognoticus, which actually means prophecy and again, to counter the Dark Prognoticus, we have the Light Prognoticus, where a red capped hero, with blue overalls and a mustache would save the world of Flipside and other worlds. The game has a really funny dialog as every where you go, everybody would recognise Mario as the hero at would reply in quite funny remarks. along the way, you are helped by Pixl's, yes, its spelled that way. Their like fairies that grajt you special powers, example, 1 would make you slim enough to slide through small holes, 1 lets you use him as a bomb, 1 finds things for you in detail etc. This games is actually 1 of the better game I've played so far as the story is quite good and the dialogs are real funny.

Ok, thats about it, see ya next time, Chow and have a nice day!!!!!!