Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Time of ending STPM is near.

STPM is coming to a close, 4 more papers and freedom is ours. I know good leaders only rejoice after the war has ended(as said in chinese sayings), but whoever said I was a real good leader? Hahaz. Anyway, the 1 and a half year spent studying for exam, fooling around with form 6 buddies and going through an amazing growing up experience is finally about to end. My 7 year high school life has finally ended and its finally time to face the real world.

What I meant by the "real world" is that we do not have high school to shield us from anything else anymore, we are gorwing into young adults. What we face in school were just things on a minor scale, but most of us seem to think that that is the worst things in life and things will never get any worse. But that's normal for any human being, because we will only know what is real hardhsip when we really face it. When something that is hard to take comes along at that particular moment, we regard that as the worse of things to happen. I do hope i learn from my Form 6 experience and grow up more to become a stronger and more stable person.

And for people who know me, they know what I prioritize most during high school, yup, I don need to explain further, either you know or don't know(its something you can surely guess). Past postings on this blog has made in clear as to what I've been facing through the past year and a half. The answer has been given by my stubborn self does not want to accept the answer, because I keep thinking there is that lingering hope that there is still some chance for the flower to blossom and to become the most beautiful flower in the world. I still hope, I admit, but what if it comes out with no results? Well, that's up to god to decide for me ain't it? I only can take the opportunity to try and give it my best but the rest its up to him whether the red line has already been tied up. I hope i can change your mind, I really do, but if you do not change, who am I to criticise you? It was my fault that we ended up like this, I made the mistakes, you may be as cold as an iceberg, but I don't know what draws me to you too, you're like a "magnetic" iceberg where I'm the Volcano drawn towards you. The Ice Princess and The Prince Of Sahara? I wonder if this story will ever continue down? If we go our separate ways, I wish the best in life, you may never read this, but hey, you have a better chance of reading this here that in my other blog. I won't do anything stupid as to write something embarassing here because I don't wish you to hate me but to at least treat me as a good friend. You will always have a place in my heart, that place prepared for you. And if we go our separate ways, you will always be remembered as the Princess that tamed the Prince of Sahara's heart.

That's all for now, till after STPM and pictures will be up, hoping to buy a DSLR, lolz.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Back For a Few Moments.

Back blogging in this blog after being absent for a while, this blog stuck with me for 2 years d, I'm not letting it go that easily, just don't find anything much to blog about nowadays, not going out so often and there is not much material for me to blog about.

Now is STPM time and I have really got not much time left to study and get back in gear for STPM. I just hope I can do better for the last government exam in my life(I think....). Last exam taken in a school uniform you know. My high school days are ending, wow, thats amazing, 7 years in high school and its finally ending. Time to spread my wings and soar away from the place that is Chung Ling.

2 more months and the free time I have will be too much for me to handle. So 2 more months guys, and everything will be over and a new chapter will be written in my life.

These 2 years have made me realise a lot of things, I just hope I can repent and learned what I have done wrong and also repeat what I had done right and apply it in future endeavours.

Wow, it would be exciting to see what is in store for me in 2 months time.

Till next time everybody, bye....

Monday, May 26, 2008

Dragonball Real Life Movie

Dragonball movie coming out in 2009, and I'm not joking, here's the official poster for it and I can't believe they chose a Caucasian to act as Sun Wukong, OMG, its so freaking gay, here's the poster. I don't know the storyline yet or even the characters featured in the movie.
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Another poster:
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Ok here's the actor acting as Wu Kong, Justin Chatwin, does not have Wukong look at all!!!!
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I don't know how, but I think this movie is gonna be a flop, but lets see, it might be good.

Ok till next time, tataz!!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Damn Bitch With No Sympathy

Well, this girl is just totally brainless, with no family upbringing at all, spoiled brat, bitch, and almost any bad word you can conjure up right now. In the wake of the Sze Chuan earthquake, comes a bitch so horrible and selfish that only this video can show you how a human bitch is really all about, pls view this, a bitches comments on the Sze Chuan earthquake:

for the english translation, if you don't know what she's talking about, taken from Cedric's blog:

“I turn on the TV and what do I see? Dead bodies, injured people, corpses, rotten bodies, all the crazy acts you guys are putting up. It’s not that I want to watch these things. I have no choice. Look, now the entire internet is black-and-white and without colour. Do you think we’re all colourblind like you? Have your eyes been hit by so much rubble you can’t see any colour now?

“Sigh… all you guys… if you’re hit by the rubble just go suffer by yourself quietly… What are you screaming for? What rescue are you asking for? Not that I’m blaming you… you guys in Sichuan are in a terrible position in China. They say the Indian plate is moving in crashing into you guys. Don’t you think you guys deserve it?”

“I think this earthquake was not strong enough. If only it had just been a bit stronger to flip you guys over. Today we’re mourning for you. Tomorrow we’re donating money to you, huh? May 21 is such a great day. Lots of people trying to get married this year. And now we have to mourn for you. Do you think those couples should get married or not? What a spoilsport. May 20, May 21, such auspicious days, now all spent mourning for you. Come on, how many of you guys are dead? Just a few, is it not? We’ve got so many people in China anyway.”

“F*ck… You’re annoying everyone to death… What tricks are you guys playing! Do you think you’re all very goodlooking? Which part of your body is that precious? People are giving you cash and giving you food. And you guys are now doing nothing? Sigh… these few days, it’s just impossible to go anywhere without getting reminded of you silly c*nts… Everywhere I go people are saying ‘Argh, there are aftershocks in Sichuan again, this and that’…

“As for that old lady who’s been lying over there for over 100 hours? Why haven’t you died yet? You trying to play the mummy?

“F*ck… the earthquake might as well rock all you guys to death… All you have given us are catastrophes… all your children are jinxes…

Well, if you have any comments, do leave it for me down there, thanx, I wanna noe your opinion on this bitch.

Till next time, tataz.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Defense Of The Ancient: The Battle For Supremacy

I don't know if its called the movie or not but this is quite cool, seriously, i mean, to see a fan made movie of DOTA, its so freaking cool, Omni Knight is the leader of the sentinel, while the Death Knight is the leader of of the Scourge, don expect this to be a super quality movie, its just made from Warcraft mechanics and looks exactly like the DOTA game, so don;t complain, it's good enough and some heroes really die in this movie, don't take my word for it, have a look, there is Episode 1 and Episode 2:

Episode 1: The Uprising Of Evil

Episode 2: Betrayer of The Light

Still waiting for episode 3, which is super exciting, it may not be the best movie made but it can satisfy some Dota fans, hahaz, enjoy.

MadTV: Another Stupid Clip

This 1 is really damn funny, just watch, serious:

Hahaz, enjoy!!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Nintendo DS: The World Ends With You

It's been a long time since I touched my DS and since the new Square Enix game just launched, I thought I'd give it a try:
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Ya, this is exactly how my DS looks like, cool eh? Black.

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This Game just rawks!!!!! Seriously, its been a long time since I said any game rawks, even Cabal couldn't keep me going very long, I got bored pretty quick as it is just a typical MMORPG, WOW would definitely be a better choice. The game above is called "The World Ends With You" and its fully utilizes the stylus of the DS and gives you a great gaming experience, you actually have to do battle with the stylus, without it, you can never play this game, you fingers would not be small enough.

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You play as Neku and Shiki(the guy and girl in front) at first and both of them are chosen for the Reaper Game which runs on a 7-day period, if you don't finish the missions on each day, then you will get erased from the face of this world, creepy eh.....? Anyway, you will get a text message stating your quest everyday and a timer will appear on your hand until you finish your mission. Finish the mission before the time ends and you will NOT be erased. I just played until the 3rd mission but already found this game fairly entertaining.

The game pits you against monsters called "Noise" and reapers too. You battle using special pins which are called psych which gives you the power of fire, electric, psychic etc. The more you progress through the game, the more pins you get and the more powers you have. You move around the city of Shibuya fighting off monsters and finishing missions. I haven't gotten into the storyline yet so, basically I need to play more of the game to know whats going on, but its a definite must play. here are some screenshots of the game.

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Battling monsters on the dual screen is complicated and you need to hit combos to maximise your attack, for example, on the top screen, you need to hit the right symbols in the right sequence and get a special move to hit the enemies, while battling monsters on the bottom screen. Which for me, its just simply mashing the bottom screen with the stylus while concentrating on hitting the right symbols and when I don't get them , I get f**king frustrated sometimes. It needs a lot of coordination to master the game.

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Neku using a special pin in the game, must be a chain pin or something, I din play that far yet.

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1 example of hitting the symbols in the right sequence while also hitting the enmies on the bottom.

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Cut Scenes from the game, this is exactly what you get on the DS screen, pretty neat eh?

Ok, thats it for now, I'm gonna go back and study 1st before I totally flunk my chem exam, tata!!! Till next time.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

MadTV: A Parody of Heroes

I found this clip while looking for MadTV clips, some of you might know it and some of you might not, its a real funny clip, go ahead and enjoy it, im using my laptop so its hard to resize my photos, coupled by exams. Anyway, here's another clip for you guys to enjoy:

Here you go, Ya-Da!!!!!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Cartoon For You All.

This is quite a funny cartoon, enjoy!!!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Top 10 Giant Monsters.

Some need no introduction but some still do, even a brontosaurus makes this list, my favourites would be Gamera, Godzilla and King Kong, so watch and enjoy. You might see yoru favourite monster here, the number 1 though, is hard to describe, seriously hard to describe.... Here's the vid.

Still uploading mother's day pics, so watch this in the meantime. tata!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Prasis Speaking Cantonese Bad Words.

I did not know about this video until today, OMG, its so so weird and farny, hahaz, I think he's gonna kill me for putting this vid here, hehez, anyway, here's Prasis and his Cantonese bad words venture:

And I came across another clip of L6B2 class song, hahaz, I htink people posted this before, so I just repost this here, its pretty cute to see Chong Joo and Bee Hong on this vid too.

Till next time, bb!!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day.

Ok, celebration will commence tonight, she din noe I buy a cake d, will suprise her tonite, wish me luck!!!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

A nice song to share with you all

For those of you who have not heard this song before, its named When You Look Me In The Eyes, its so so nice, do enjoy it!!!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Temporary out of shape

There is nothing wrong with my blog, just so you know, I just maximised the size so that I could insert bigger pics, the only prob is, how do I make my header bigger, its a headache but I'll figure it out, this is just a notice, ta!!!!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Iron Man, it just rawks!!!!

This movie just rawks!!!!! It defines cool, with the cool suit, loads of action and corky humor, it lives up to its name as 1 of the most anticipated movies ever in the summer. The storyline quite follows the original storyline of the comics just that they are not Afghanistan troops but actually Chinese terrorists. And 1 more thing is that Jarvis was originally not a computer programme but an old man servant of Tony Stark. Pepper Potts played by Gwenyth Paltrow however is not that prettily portrayed in the comics and is actually more of a nerdy secretary of Tony. Rhodes is not a military guy but just a helicopter pilot. They did a few twists and turns around the movie but its pretty good overall. If I would give the movie a score, it would be 8/10, somehow, it still doesn't hit that 10 mark yet. Here are some photos of Iron Man:
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I just love this photo, looks so so cool.

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Iron Man Mark 1, Mark 2 and Mark 3, I think you will all agree that Mark 3 is the coolest looking 1.

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The main cast of the show.

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Robert Downey Junior as Tony Stark a.k.a Iron Man, somehow, people don't recognise him and keep asking me, which movie was he in? Lolz.

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Gwenyth Paltrow as Pepper Potts, it would be so cool to have such a pretty assistant.

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Jeff Bridges as Obadiah Stane a.k.a Iron Monger

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Yup, he is this guy in the movie, big eh?

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Terrence Howard as Rhodes.

Remember a scene where Rhodes looks at the suit as Tony flies out? Well that is just a teaser for Marvel fans. For those of you who don't know, Rhodes later becomes someone even stronger than Iron Man with his suit, the War Machine, here it is.

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It has a mounted Gatling Gun and mounted micro rockets with its own air supply in the suit for all kinds of travel purposes. It also has wrist mounted laser blades. Cool eh?

Iron Man 2 is in the works and looks like we will get to see it end of next year, not specific date yet.

Oh 1 more fact before I leave, this movie grossed more than 100 million Dollars in just 3 days, Wicked!!!!

Ok, Till Next time, from Tony: "The truth is......I'm Iron Man....."


Saturday, May 03, 2008

May 4th, My Birthday and My Mom's, Finally 19th years-old....

Lolz, finally, im officially 19 years-old!!! Nothing much to be ecstatic about, i mean, with the taxing year coming along, lolz, its good for my mother however, lolz I wish her all the best!!!!! And I will of course try to provide her with something to smile about next year, that is my grades., for STPM, wish me luck everybody and I wish you all the best of luck too, in life!!!!

Resolutions in my 19th year as a human:
1.Being more assertive in my decisions, choices and opinions.
2.Study well of course, which is getting much & much more better d.
3.Update my blog more often!!!! kekez.
4.Get my priorities right and hopefully, I'm able to rectify mistakes I've done for the past year, and hopefully, uhmmm, you noe lar....

Ok, that's it for now, and I leave you all off with a song which I really like and can be found in my friend Chun Ching's page too(the link is by the side), till next time, happy lives to you all!!!!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Broken Wings from the OST of Trinirty Blood the Anime

Been addicted to this song lately, its so so romantic, and sometimes so so sad, so to share with you all what I mean, here is the video of the piano piece, enjoy.

Till next time, ta!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The 100th post of this blog!!!!!! Woohooo!!!!

Finally this blog has hit its 100th post after so long, a milestone for me and my blog, all my blogs never did reach 100 before, this is the 1st 1!!! I intend to blog more and keep on the blog's legacy!!! Ah, to leave you all off on a good note, here's a clip that you might not have seen before, it concerns the American Idol judges, watch and enjoy!!!!!

Till next time, tata!!!

Hard Disk Bombed....

It was bound to happen, it lasted 4 years before reaching this day and its my hard disk..... it bombed, no blogging from my laptop, lets just hope it wont bail from me too......

Later tonite then!!!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Pray This Never Happens To You

I pity the guy, I guess he never felt anything when they hugged, lolz, enjoy the clip. (Be careful before committing to anything)

Nightmare - The funniest bloopers are right here

More Pics From Super Mario Galaxy.....

Here are more screenshots from Super Mario Galaxy, since I already downloaded the photos, might as well post them up.

Remember that we use to squish this guy in the Super Mario World games? Ya, this time, it's his turn to squish us.....

Another Grand Star found!!!!!!

The Ultimate enemy, Bowser!!!!!!!

We're here to save you princess peach!!!!!

Mario choosing a galaxy to fly to.

Thats it for today!!!! Till Tomorrow!!!!

Tag Replies:
Crystal: it's in msps, rehearsal

Wei Jing: I hope so too, it's quite near STPM d at that time.

cher: Lolz, I heard a few of her songs before only, maybe I should listen more, hahaz, and exam is getting near what!!!

LogicYuan: So who do you think her voice resembles?

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Super Mario Galaxy

2 months ago, My father bought the Super Mario Galaxy disc back from Hong Kong and to tell you frankly, it was wickedly fun to play!!! It's so so innovative, they totally revamped the game and gave you such fun to play with, I took photos with the disc, here they are!!!

Even the cover looks so nice, hehez.

The game is totally different and totally utilises the Wii remote, and it's frustrating at times, but still very very fun. Here are some screenshots

The whole mission of the game is to collect these Grand Stars to power up the station so that you can save Princess Peach(AGAIN.....)

Mario goes galaxy traveling

The station, this is how it looks like.

With exams coming along, I don't really have the time to play, thats why, I will wait till after exam to finish the game.

Ok, that's it for today, till next time!!!!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Happy Tree Friends: Eyes Cold Lemonade

Viewer Discretion Advised, dont see this if you don't like gross stuff, I mean it!!!!!!
I posted a video of this once, got negative feedback, anyway seriously, this video might make some people laugh, it might make some puke, don't think its a normal cartoon, it's not!!!!! For those who wanna view it, enjoy!!!!

Tag Replies:
mwah: Thanks.

Crystal: Don't if you have other things to do, you will get addicted.

LogicYuan: True, hahaz, but her singing is seriously good, she can work on her personality later, lolz

Wee and Ernest: thanks!!!

Till Next time!!!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Amazing Singing Children......

His name is Andrew Johnston, and he wowed Simon Cowell, lolz, thats a rare sight. Anyway, here's the clip, enjoy. Sadly this boy gets bullied a lot, but he can kick those bullies asses goodbye with his singing, I support you man!!!!!

Here's another singing prodigy, only 15 years old and her voice can be up to par with the like of Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey, Her name is Charice Pempengco. You might have already seen this clip before, for those who did not, enjoy!!!!

Here's another 1 with her doing a duet, singing "A Whole New World".

Just for kicks here is another "singing" prodigy, have a look:

Ok, till next time, bye!!!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cabal SEA

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Just started playing Cabal recently, was told by ghann and thought I'd give it a try, it's not bad though the graphics are not as nice as Granado Espada but it still does the trick of serving up quite a nice online gaming experience. It's like any other MMORPG, fighting monsters, leveling up, yada yada, lets just see how long I can play this game, hehez... Here are some more pics of the game, only 2 though:
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Ok, thats it for today, at least I have smthn to do besides studying or its just boring me to death.

Till next time!!!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Beautiful Soul

Been a bit addicted to this song lately, Jesse McCartney's Beautiful Soul, the rhythm and beat is just so so nice, and so so cool. The lyrics are pretty good too, if you're planning to "kill" girls with this song, go ahead, it might be a shoo in, hahaz, here's the song:

I don't want another pretty face
I don't want just anyone to hold
i don't want my live to go to waste
i want you and your beautiful soul

I know that you are somethin special
to you i'd be always faithful
i want to be what you always needed
that i hope you'll see the heart in me

you're the one i wanna chase
you're the one i wanna hold
i won't let another minute go to waste
i want you and your beautiful soul
your beautiful soul
you might need time to think it over
but im just fine moving forward
Am I crazy for wanting you
Baby do you think you could want me too
I don't wanna waste your time
Do you see things the way I do
I just want to know that you feel it too
There is nothing left to hide

I dont want another pretty face
I won't let another minute go to waste
I want you and your beautiful soul

I know that you are something special
To you I'd be always faithful
I want to be what you always needed
Then I hope you'll see the heart in me
You're the one I want to hold
You're the one I want to chase
I want you and your beautiful soul
I don't want my love to go to waste
I don't want just anyone to hold
I don't want another pretty face

I dont want just anyone to hold
I dont want my love to go to waste
I want you and your beautiful soul
Youre the one i want to chase

Chorus 2X

Your beautiful soul, yeah

Girl, yeah, your beautiful soul, yeah

Monday, April 21, 2008

When You Wish Upon A Star....

I love this song, is so like serenades me to sleep, hahaz, it has a romantic feel but the lyrics isn't at all romantic, it just gives people hope. The song is originally from Disney's Pinocchio movie which we almost all of us watched when we were young kids. Anyway, here's the song, with acoustic guitar accompaniment.

when you wish upon a star
makes no difference who you are
any thing your heart desires
will come to you

if your heart is in your dreams
no request is too extreme
when you wish upon a star
as dreamers do

fate is kind
she brings to those who love
the sweet fulfillment of
their secret longings

like a bolt out of the blue
fate steps in and sees you through
when you wish upon a star
your dream comes true

fate is kind
she brings to those who love
the sweet fulfillment of
their secret longings

like a bolt out of the blue
fate steps in and sees you through
when you wish upon a star
your dream comes true

Till next time, tata!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

1st Time Blogging On My Bed, With Ma Laptop,

Yup, my desktop just go screwed left and right due to some stupid software which renders my computer soundless, so i'm here blogging with my laptop on my bed, which is kinda cool actually, feels more comfortable.

3 more weeks till exam, short period of time, which naturally causes tension in every Form 6 student in Chung Ling High School right now, including yours truly. Which kinds of pop up the question, do I really have much time left to catch up to every topic? Argh, headache, what to do, I chose Form 6 what, have to go on and on.

Everybody does not have time to talk anymore, even chatting is a prob sometimes, everybody is just so packed with studies, and everybody has turned super quiet which kinda makes you wanna go quiet too. Haiz... sien lor, study also sien, work that time mah gai hor? Hehez...

Ok, till next time, do catch the Speed Racer trailer i put below!!!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Wakakakaz, Speed Racer!!! My childhood lives on!!!!

Woohoo, Speed Racer is coming to cinemas in May, so cool!!!! For those of you who don't know, speed racer was an anime shown on cartoon network years ago when we were in primary school, I totally loved it, especially the car that is Mach 5, it was so cool back then, to see it on the big screen as a live show, should be good, I just hope they did not ruin it, haiz.... usually, remakes suck alot.
Here's the trailer of Speed Racer!!!!

And an easter egg for all of you, the anime version of the opening, this was really on air, when we were in primary school. Here you go:

go here for the clip, its so old school I tell you, lolz.

Till next time!!!!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Pressure Is Setting In

AH!!!!!! the pressure of exam is setting in, the feeling of insufficient time is looming over again, what to do, this is what we have to expect in Form 6 right? I've started to pay attention in class again, something kinda drove me into studying groove again, started to take down notes again in maths period, listening to chemistry in chem period, bio period paying more attention and the rest, ah, you know. Sleepless nights have been haunting for the past few months, I kept repeating to myself, another 9 more months, and this will all be over and I can again plan on how to go over my life, and hopefully, this time, I can utilize my free time more wisely, better than the time after SPM, OMG, that was a nightmare, but we learn from mistakes, so this time, have to benefit from the free time. Birthday is coming up, May 4th that is, but lolz, i rarely celebrate my birthday with my friends, usually only with my family and we just go out for dinner, thats all, no biggy, hope what I wish for will come true this year, and I think you all know what it is, (chuckles)....

Been thinking a lot lately, about what I'm gonna do in the future. My main choice would be psychology, but there are so many other fields or professions that I'm interested out there, so they can be taken into consideration, some more I have some objection from my parents on taking psychology, so basically, I have to rethink everything, because I myself have some doubts in this profession, lets see how the outcome is in the end.

Found out that I'm a bit jumpy these days, and I'm like turning a bit of a crazy, not mentally, but just in action, I will do things and say things that I wouldn't usually say, kinda to hide the hurting inside of me now. I'm actually wrenching pretty hard inside, to put on a mask everyday to go to school, to pretend there is nothing happening, argh, it hurts, but who knows how I feel? To speak truthfully, nobody knows how I feel now, even if you know what I mean, you will NEVER know how I feel now, to fake a smile, to fake everything I feel, its a hard job, anyway, no more of that.

Ok, got to go sleep now, got school tomorrow, so nitez and till next time everybody!!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Thinking back about this week, it has been an eventful week actually, a lot of things happen that made me happy and also sad. I found out that as you grow up, things become clearer and you start to get more serious with things, for example, in studies, in life, romances, everything becomes more serious, and also, I experienced my 1st blush while talking about someone, that has never happened before, feels good at times. :-) I'm like getting more and more serious about this crush. Lolz, I might look back at this blog 1 day and laugh about what I just wrote, but somehow, I don't wish that to happen, I don't wish for it to become a laughing matter in the end. Is perseverance really going to reward me? Or basically I should let it go just to avoid further heart breaks? And thinking back, I don't really understand her yet, I wish to. Maybe we're not compatible, maybe we're total opposites that don't even compliment each other. But if I never try to make it a reality, how would I know? Looking on the bright side, we could be the best thing that ever happened in this world. But what the heck, time is still on my side, we'll see how everything unfolds.

Ok, seriously, I got to start posting some pictures, look, I've uploaded the Japan pics and they'll be up soon, till next time

Monday, March 17, 2008

Holiday is over and results have come in.

Holidays are over, and being a blogger, I actually din update my blog at all through the whole course of the holidays. And since my blog has become more of a journal, I just write in it whenever I have the mood to write, and today is 1 of those times. Results have come in, shockingly, I got very good results in my biology paper(thank god!!) but if course, I flunked my maths paper so badly, but luckily not the lowest in school this time, hehez. Well, seems like I and a fewother friends were the only one's cruising and relaxed after eceiving our results, the rest were like so tensed and worried, i know i should be, but somehow, I know there is still a chance for me to come back, though I need to work so freaking hard to get there, phew, what to do, I chose Form 6 right? wakakakakaz.

Anyway, I skipped 2 classes of biology today, giving the excuse that I had to finish my project, I just wanted to stay and spend time with someone, missed seeing her throughout the whole duration of the holidays. I know I should keep my distance, but there is no harm in just chatting right? Just a small chat with her cheers me up so much, I loved talking to her today, it was quite amazing, though like I said, it was just small talk.(Luckily teacher forgot what he had already taught us and taught the class birds again, so luckily I skipped class.) I know sometimes, I'm being to obvious, so I'm still trying to tone down a lot. In a great mood today, lolz.

By the way, during the holidays, I went out with a few of my friends but I no longer find the outings exciting or fun anymore, feels like its missing a lot of things, going out watching movies no longer akes me happy, singing in redbox is also not that fun anymore, kinda like lost the zest already. Oh well, as we grow up, our interests change, what to do. Ok I will write until here today, till next time.


Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Superb Mistakes and Watching From Afar.....

2nd day and I found out that I blew my Biology essay by writing in point form!!!!!! Damn!!!!! I have always written in point form, no teacher told me, so this time, I'm probably gonna get screwed left and right, top to bottom. My mom just told me that I was the only 1 who can be blamed, and she's right, its entirely my fault, should have asked before I started the test, haiz...... Dang, bad results for this exam again, sucks...... ok, here goes the record for now, PA X, Bio X, Muet ok, Chem X, Maths is sure gonner, so hmm, I wonder now, how hard am I gonna die? Lolz.

The watching from afar part, lolz ya, you know what I'm talking about. I can watch from afar. I like watching from afar sometimes, she looks cute, hahaz. Hate to see her frown though, she always has that frowning face when she's stressed, and I can't do anything about it. If i were to go near abit, I think she would say that I treat her to good, so, again, DISTANCE...... I still wish her all the best, and I still love seeing her smile.... I might 1 day look back at this and laugh to myself, though I hope what I'm dreaming now becomes a reality.

Till tomorrow, tataz!!!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Exams and Friendship Probs....

Exam time is here and I just got through my 1st 2 papers for the whole exam, PA and Biology. Biology was good but PA, argh, found out what graph i needed to draw in like the last 10 minutes. Manage to sketch the graph, but no colour and no petunjuk means DOOM in the exam. Ah well, at least I had a field day with Biology, took me like 50 minutes to write the whole darn essay, lets just hope i get good results this time, I need this a lot.

Anyway, some thing happened on Saturday that kinda changed my world upside down, can't really say it here, as to respect my friend and our own privacy, but it kinda put a lot of things in perspective and how much I have caused trouble for people. Realising that we cannot do things that we deem good or useful at the expense of other people's suffering. Well, we're still talking, but things have changed, so, will try to work it out, it is the exam, and the both of us ain't exactly free to talk right now. Although I will hope that it will work out in the end, I know that, no matter what, things have changed, it will be a hard time for me and also my friend and may be straining to our friendship, wishing her the best of luck, and sorry for all the inconveniences caused. Even though I write it here, she doesn't visit my blog, so its just an apology that she might not see. I have to control myself and contain myself and fill my days with activities to get my mind off these things, don't wanna make things as complicated as it already is. To make her high school life happy and to have our friendship last. I may suffer in the middle, but what to do, I love to see her smile more than to see her frown, so distance is what I need to keep now. Be happy my friend, I got your message, and all the best to you.....

Tataz, till next time.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Iron Man Trailer, Rawks hard!!!

Here's the full trailer for Iron Man coming this May to a Cinema near you, come on now, its Iron Man, cheers everybody!!!! Woohoo!!!! And the clip is so so cool!!!!! Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Count's song

Most of you might have seen this clip before, but I just want to share with those who hasn't watched yet, enjoy F**king with the count, wakakakakaz!!!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Horrific Images of Eduardo's Tackle....

Not for the weak hearted, here are images of Martin Taylor's tackle on Eduardo, really fuck Taylor man, should be fucking banned from football forever, not worthy of the pitch, here are th photos, brace yourselves:
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I hope Martin Taylor gets punishment for that horrific tackle, PERIOD!!!!!!!
Banned from football!!!!

Till next time......

Friday, February 22, 2008

Pressure, Tests and Others.

Lolz, my blog has been reduced to words and thoughts, hahaz, what to do, not in the mood of uploading pics and updating about japan. Struggling with maths and Chem, PA feels so boring and the only subjects i can study are Bio and MUET which has nothing to do with STPM(MUET that is). Not sleeping all day if you think I am, I have been studying, just not as much as planned, though trying to hit my target as soon as possible, and I do have the confidence i can do well in my STPM exam, not school exams(I'm dead this time anyway, serious, not being pessimistic or anything, just take it as a normal exercise for me, to get better) Not to comfort myself or anything, it is undeniable that people who have failed a lot in life, if they find the determination, will succeed in the end. Hey we know we failed, at least we know what victory feels like, sweet and rewarding. Kinda feels like I'm growing up more and more these few days, more calm and although may be a bit emo, but thats just part of growing up i guess. Still, its hard to start stufying I tell you, I have to force myself to switch off the TV and sit down and study, though I only sit for an hour, but at least I'm going somewhere, I'm not going to take months, but I will try my best to get myself into studying groove as soon as possible, I know i have a lot of friends out there rooting for me, and I love them for that, hahaz, especially my best pals Logica, Koolz, Law, Chien Yee, Edwardz, Kuang Ze, Ghann, there are so many, I can't list them all out, I will try my best, pls have faith in me, I'm trying!!!! Oh and of course, also have My Loving Family who has always supported me throughout my life, I thank them so much!!!!! Mom and Dad! Love Ya!!!!

Till next time, ta!!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Rider Of 2008: Kamen Rider Kiva

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Hoowah, the newest Kamen Rider a.k.a Masked Rider, Baja Hitam, has finally hit Japanese TV sets, that is Kamen Rider Kiva!!!!! By far the weirdest Rider yet, with him portraying horror film characters, such as Dracula, Frankenstein and others.

Its a new concept, which I think kinda makes the Kamen Rider franchise even more childish as the years pass by. The glory days that were Masked Rider 1, V3, Black and RX are gone and now we're left with "colourful" mimics of the future.

Though its not entirely bad, but imagine that the character knew the belt before the series started, whatsmore, the belt can talk, YES, CAN TALK!!!!!! The main character is a damn sissy and he needs the belt to bite him to Henshin meaning to transform. The belt's design is so so childish that it looks more like a toy than a Kamen Rider's belt. The Rider kick is not very very bad, but the extra element of a big monster(Kiva's pet or smthn) devouring the enemies soul at the end of the battles. Even Kiva's bike looks gay, wah......

Its now only episode 5, we'll see how the story develops at the end. oh, almost forgot, here's the synopsis of the movie:

Twenty-two years after the disappearance of his father, Wataru Kurenai (portrayed by Koji Seto[1][2][3][4]) lives in an infamous "haunted house" where he is destined as Kamen Rider Kiva to fight life-draining monsters known as the Fangire, the very race his father fought years ago before his disappearence. Wataru must also deal with a second rider in the series (named Kamen Rider Ikusa (仮面ライダーイクサ Kamen Raidā Ikusa?, the English spelling is currently not known)) who is part of an organization seeking to destroy the Fangire menace, as well as kill Kiva for being greater threat than the Fangire themselves.[5] The story is split between the actions of Wataru in the present (2008) and his father Otoya in the past (1986), slowly revealing the story behind the Fangire and Kiva.

Lolz, lets just hope they can save the Masked Rider franchise soon...

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Another Post Of Random Thoughts.....

Ok, this time, its 1 am in the morning, so sue me! I'm having trouble sleeping these days, mind filled with a lot things not supposed to be thinking in Form 6, when you're having STPM in like 11 months or so. I don't think I can lie to myself anymore, matters of the heart are really affecting me badly these days, I can't concentrate on a lot of things, I pretend that life is all well, but I'm so messed up inside because I can't make the decision of whether to accept the way I feel about someone or to uphold my duties as a student and a son and stop thinking about "LOVE", there I said it. I keep thinking that Its just a phase where I will grow out from because this is seriously not the time to be thinking of these things. And I find out, the more I'm trying to avoid it, the more I think about it and it bugs me more than ever. Don't get me wrong, I love thinking about romance, it practically lifts my spirits up when I think about it, just that the timing is not right, and its really hard for me to control my emotions. I can't control my emotions......only my actions..... Sometimes I feel so pissed I would like to just bang my head on the wall. Its STPM year and what the hell am I thinking??? And when I ask friends "what should I do?", the 1st thing is, think your books, not love or emotional support, you can do that by your own, but to tell you the truth, I can't...... Or maybe just like my last post, I'm just escaping adulthood, escaping my responsibilities..... Over and over I think it again, is it because I'm lacking something right now in my life, that it just render me unmotivated to do anything, or am I just escaping my responsibilities as it is? Most people will tell me the 2nd 1, I can tell you that, and will think that I'm childish, or maybe its just me fighting with mysef so hard..... I'm a really screwed up teenager who just needs to set my life straight again and my priorities straight too.

The big question is, what is the motivation I'm lacking.......... even if you say its laziness, some thing is causing the laziness...... If I'm motivated, I won't be that lazy, come on..... I know I'm not like that, I will fight for what I want and will get it if there's some thing for me to fight for in the end, I know I'm like that, but what? What am I missing? Is it her? Thats the question I've been asking myself for 5 months now, and because of the reaction she gives me, I can't determine whether it is worth it or not? But my heart asks me to go on and fight on, though its bleak, but I'm trying.

I like her smile, I like the way she walks, the way she has her favourite colour on everything she owns, the way she sleeps on her table like a little baby, the way she says "okie!", the way she giggles, the way her half-blur face when she looks at people, the way she talks when she's shy, the kid-like tone in her voice, her calmness in dealing with difficult stuff, the way she laughs when she hears a joke, the way she ties up her hair and puts in down sometimes, even the way she says "hi" to me is special. When I think of her I giggle. When I feel sad, I think of her and things get better for me. When I cannot sleep, I repeat her name in my mind until I fall asleep. When I see her, my face go red like a tomato. I dream of her from time to time and wake feeling happy after dreaming of her. I feel sad later knowing that it wasn't reality but just a dream. When I don't dream of her, I kick myself thinking,"why didn't I dream of her??!!!". I miss her just after a few days not seeing her, and I start to get depressed.

After saying all that, why am I still not convinced that I have fallen in love, but thinking that its just more of an infatuation? Is it because I'm still a teenager? That's why I think that way? I keep contradicting myself, thats why I'm screwed up, anyway, if anyone can give me an answer, I'll be glad to have it. Its 2 am now, its really really late, got school tmr, so toodles and nitez everyone.....

Friday, January 25, 2008

Random Thoughts.....

Here I go again, blogging at 2 am in the morning and I'm supposed to wake up at 6.30 tomorrow morning, argh, can't sleep, so many things running through my mind right now. I guess my blog has turned more into an entertainment website than a real blog, alot of you may not agree with, but that just me, thats just what I think. Its suppose to be a journal where I just write my thoughts and share with you all my views in life, alas, its been a long since I've written something like this on my blog.

I can't stop thinking about what I said this morning in the seminar held by the counselling unit this morning, about fear of putting in so much effort, yet not get back the results that i desire, felt like I missed a few parts, so I'm just gonna continue it here. I know I'm not the same person I was from yesterday, from an hour ago or even a minute ago, cause we evolve as time goes by, its a fact, so far, thats the new philosophy that I go by in my life whether in education, in life in love, thats so far the way I go by in my life. So, I'm still trying to accept the failures that I've experienced in the past and trying to learn from those mistakes, hoping to make a difference in the future. But as we all know, whenever we make a decision to change ourselves, all the other things in life will come and prevent you from succeeding in your mission to betetr yourself. For example, your friends will tell you that its just 3 minutes heat or like, hard obstacles will make you lose confidence(like really really hard maths, thats always a downer...). I actually kinda get fed up with all the negative input i get from some of my buddies, not targeting anyone in particular, seriously, but from a whole lot friends. I don't know, maybe its human nature for someone to put another person down when that person is in a good mood, basically so that he will feel as rotten as the other guys does. Its like, I'm feeling rotten, why the heck should you feel happy. I always feel a sting in my heart whenever I criticise myself or even other people, feeling like, "its not true, I can do better, I'm not like that, I'm not worthless.....", because its true, we aren't what we think we are, we're not useless bums, we're just unrefined diamonds waiting to "be refined". We always say, we're escaping, but we never say we're escaping from what. From my opinion, we're just escaping from adulthood, afraid that if we were to seriously study and take up responsibilities, we would lose all the naiveness we once had or even the fun we once knew, but that is part of life, we have to learn to grow up, thats the cruel fact of this insanely twisted world, happiness will never stay with us for too long, happiness always seems shorter then hardship because we enjoy happiness but suffer during hardship. But whoever told us, the adult world is scary? Its just another thing we have to face, by losing some "things", we gain something else in our life, maturity, wisdom and whole lot of other "fun", wakakakakaz!!!!!

Like Christopher Reeves said, "Our dreams, however impossible, sometimes may even seem improbable, but when we summon the will, it is inevitable". My dream is to be able to inspire people, to make them gain confidence, to be able to lift people's spirits, so that they can strive for a better aim in life, but to do that, I need to better myself 1st, improve myself, its a very very slow process, but what can I say, I'm only human, it takes time, its not something overnight right? Giggles.

I am looking for my path in life now, hoping I'll be able to see the light soon, the last piece of puzzle in my life, I wonder what it is, and I hope its what I'm thinking of too.

Matters of the heart, no matter how much I wish to share with you all, it is still not the right time, though I can tell you 1 thing, good things never comes easy, and I hope the effort I put in is enough to fulfill my dreams, not only in the matters of the heart and also in the journey of life, I now wonder, will I look back at this post and grin to myself, wow, I wrote this on Saturday morning at 2 am......

Lastly, I would just like to end my blog with 1 thing my father once said to me, which I agree the most, "failure only makes success sweeter, so when success comes, the feeling is incomparable to any feeling in the world".

So till next time with the japanese trip post, toodles!!!!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Masked Rider: The First, Amazing Remake

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Ok, putting my Japan trip aside 1st, I have found my ticket back into my youth, lolz, my love for Masked Rider!!!! And here's the movie remake that has really showed that Masked Rider can be made to be loved by adults and children alike, its so so cool, it tied up so many loose ends of the previous series and it has changed the story of both Masked Riders pitting them as enemies at 1st later teaming them up to become an unbeatable force.

The story starts actually showing you the Senator's murder by a henchmen of "Shocker", an organisation that is bent to take over the world(what else do super villains do anyway?). Anyway, the senator is murdered then the next scene shows our hero Takeshi Hongo(Kikawada Masaya) driving pass Sakura trees and into his workplace, ok skipping all that, bla bla bla, we get to the part where Takeshi gets caught by" Bat" another henchmen of Shocker and was taken for Reconstructive Surgery and in the end gains the power of the HOPPER, explanation, the power of Masked Rider. But alas, he was brainwashed and worked for Shocker wreaking havoc all around the city.

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Rider 1,Takeshi Hongo, he is blue in colour, suprisingly.

But on a fateful night, he was sent to kill another senate member with another accomplice "Spider". Their act was witnessed by the main actress in the movie Komine Rena a.k.a Midorikawa Asuka and her fiance in the movie. As Takeshi(MR1) was just about to finish off the fiance, he awoke from his trance after seeing snow fall from the sky, he suddenly remembered his love for ice crystal studies(his a scientist working in an institute of research) and came to realise what he was doing. Alas the fiance was killed by "Spider" who was then defeated by Takeshi but got away just in time before he Takeshi did the infamous Rider Kick on him. Earlier, Asuka fainted and woke up to see Takeshi lying beside her fiance's body. She mistakens him for the killer and did not know the truth inly until the end.

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The 2 riders after defeating "Bat" in the movie.

Back at the Shocker base, Dr. Shinigami is furious at the actions of Takeshi who he refers to as the codename HOPPER throughout the entire movie. To defeat Rider 1, he created Rider 2, also with the abilities of the HOPPER, with Ichimonji Hayato(Hassei Takano) as the subject. Ichimonji proceeds to seduce Asuka to lure out Takeshi who is way to honest and shy, if you want to know my opinion. Anyway, the 2 riders meets twice and both times they fought to a draw(though Rider 2 looks more of the winner everytime). Ichimonji eventually fell in love with Asuka and was deemed a traitor and was also hunted down by Shocker. To cut the story short, both the riders teamed up to face the Shocker organisation after Asuka was kidnapped. Of course, they ultimately won the battle.

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Rider 2, Ichimonji Hayato, He's the green rider.

Cool Parts about the movie:
1. Most of everything is logicalised in the movie, like the bike isn't any super powerful bike, its just a normal Honda Bike with extra speed thats all.(Though it seems to be able to stop on its own, without getting scratches, ok so they did not logicalise "everything")

2. The transformation looks pretty cool though they never tell you where the belts come from.

3. The helmet is now removable, the riders do not own a 1 piece suit anymore.

4. The modernisation of the suits looks pretty cool.

5.At least this time, they are not fighting monsters but genetically enhanced human beings, so its not a "only kids" show anymore.

Well thats pretty much it about the movie, the rest, you have to watch on your own. Its actually a movie i think 2 years ago, currently waiting for Masked Rider: The Next to come out on DVD, featuring Masked Rider V3, it has a damn cool soundtrack.

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The Riders, striking a cool pose.

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The Bad Guys, the 1st is Cobra, the 2nd is Snake.

Ok, here's "Masked Rider: The Next" poster
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V3 looks so freaking cool, I'm a Masked Rider fan, so basically, remakes of the series or movies just psyche me up, lolz.

And lastly, here are some trailers and some pretty wacky clips on Masked Rider.

Masked Rider: The First Trailer

Masked Rider 1 versus Masked Rider 2

Masked Rider: The Next trailer(Freaking Cool!!!!)

When Smackdown meets Masked Rider:
Masked Rider Kabuto vs Masked Rider Stronger

When Smackdown Meets Masked Rider #2:
Masked Rider V3 vs Riderman(he has Shawn Michaels entrance, OMG......)

Lastly, seriously, the most LMAO clip, Masked Rider in GTA, WTF!!!!!

Basically, the people who did these clips have to much time on their hands, but they do bring us entertainment, hahaz. But the wrestling 1 is really swt, enjoy the clips, tata, till next time!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Part 2: Peace Memorial Museum

Ok, next is the peace memorial museum, which was actually quite boring during the 1st part of the exhibit, I almost fell asleep..... anyway, hahaz, here goes. They were signs on the wall explaining about the dropping of atom bomb in Hiroshima, like where the bomb was designated and what time the bomb was deployed. It was on August 6th, 1945, 8.15am, the judgment day. Anyway, here are some pics from the museum.

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Boards explaining about Hiroshima and the morning of the bombing.

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People taking time to look at the boards, basically all I did was walk pass everything and listened a bit to the device i rented. Yaya, I forgot to take a picture of the device, sue me with blogging summons.

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Items used by the Japanese for air defense purposes, the light bulb was painted dark on the sides so that light only shown from the bottom of the light bulb. The book is the Air Defense plan.

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Believe it or not, these are matches, they are cut into thin pieces then at the edge, smothered with sulphur and then are lit.

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Japanese custom made military matches, lolz, funny looking.

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The National Uniform back then.

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A picture of children who were evacuated from the city before the bombing, most of them lost their parents in the bombing, I don't know are they even considered lucky, losing their families in just minutes.

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the time of the bombing, the time where 100 of thousands lost their lives.....

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the plan of the bombing, the map.

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Areas that were selected for bombing initially.

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Ok, here's Hiroshima before the blast.....

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Here's after, so....what do you think? devastating eh?......

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Here's what the 1st photographer thought of when he reached the site of the bombing, he only managed to take 5 pictures that day......

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took a picture with another picture of the devastated Hiroshima city.

This a wall scraped by flying pieces of glass, ya only glass....
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Replica of the A-bomb done, it is suppose to be smaller.

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Statue remakes or the blast victims.

ok, the following pictures are items left over by victims of the blast, and most of them have passed away days after the blast.

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A lock of Hair
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Metal Items
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A clock that stops at 8.15am

The A-Bomb
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Ironically, the antenna that set off the bomb was made by the japanese. And the company is still a big company all over the world.

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ok here's a photo of the butt of a person who died while sitting on the steps and his butt is imprinted on the steps.

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Effects of the A-bomb blast to the eye.

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A kimono pattern burned into the girls skin.

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Note: This is a piece of metal, turned into a shape like this.

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Lastly, I took a picture with a museum guide who was nice enough to explain a lot of things to me in detail, although she wasn't strong in her english. But she was a nice person overall.

Ok, finally I finished this post, more japan stories next time!!!! Tata!!!!!