Saturday, January 19, 2008

Masked Rider: The First, Amazing Remake

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Ok, putting my Japan trip aside 1st, I have found my ticket back into my youth, lolz, my love for Masked Rider!!!! And here's the movie remake that has really showed that Masked Rider can be made to be loved by adults and children alike, its so so cool, it tied up so many loose ends of the previous series and it has changed the story of both Masked Riders pitting them as enemies at 1st later teaming them up to become an unbeatable force.

The story starts actually showing you the Senator's murder by a henchmen of "Shocker", an organisation that is bent to take over the world(what else do super villains do anyway?). Anyway, the senator is murdered then the next scene shows our hero Takeshi Hongo(Kikawada Masaya) driving pass Sakura trees and into his workplace, ok skipping all that, bla bla bla, we get to the part where Takeshi gets caught by" Bat" another henchmen of Shocker and was taken for Reconstructive Surgery and in the end gains the power of the HOPPER, explanation, the power of Masked Rider. But alas, he was brainwashed and worked for Shocker wreaking havoc all around the city.

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Rider 1,Takeshi Hongo, he is blue in colour, suprisingly.

But on a fateful night, he was sent to kill another senate member with another accomplice "Spider". Their act was witnessed by the main actress in the movie Komine Rena a.k.a Midorikawa Asuka and her fiance in the movie. As Takeshi(MR1) was just about to finish off the fiance, he awoke from his trance after seeing snow fall from the sky, he suddenly remembered his love for ice crystal studies(his a scientist working in an institute of research) and came to realise what he was doing. Alas the fiance was killed by "Spider" who was then defeated by Takeshi but got away just in time before he Takeshi did the infamous Rider Kick on him. Earlier, Asuka fainted and woke up to see Takeshi lying beside her fiance's body. She mistakens him for the killer and did not know the truth inly until the end.

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The 2 riders after defeating "Bat" in the movie.

Back at the Shocker base, Dr. Shinigami is furious at the actions of Takeshi who he refers to as the codename HOPPER throughout the entire movie. To defeat Rider 1, he created Rider 2, also with the abilities of the HOPPER, with Ichimonji Hayato(Hassei Takano) as the subject. Ichimonji proceeds to seduce Asuka to lure out Takeshi who is way to honest and shy, if you want to know my opinion. Anyway, the 2 riders meets twice and both times they fought to a draw(though Rider 2 looks more of the winner everytime). Ichimonji eventually fell in love with Asuka and was deemed a traitor and was also hunted down by Shocker. To cut the story short, both the riders teamed up to face the Shocker organisation after Asuka was kidnapped. Of course, they ultimately won the battle.

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Rider 2, Ichimonji Hayato, He's the green rider.

Cool Parts about the movie:
1. Most of everything is logicalised in the movie, like the bike isn't any super powerful bike, its just a normal Honda Bike with extra speed thats all.(Though it seems to be able to stop on its own, without getting scratches, ok so they did not logicalise "everything")

2. The transformation looks pretty cool though they never tell you where the belts come from.

3. The helmet is now removable, the riders do not own a 1 piece suit anymore.

4. The modernisation of the suits looks pretty cool.

5.At least this time, they are not fighting monsters but genetically enhanced human beings, so its not a "only kids" show anymore.

Well thats pretty much it about the movie, the rest, you have to watch on your own. Its actually a movie i think 2 years ago, currently waiting for Masked Rider: The Next to come out on DVD, featuring Masked Rider V3, it has a damn cool soundtrack.

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The Riders, striking a cool pose.

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The Bad Guys, the 1st is Cobra, the 2nd is Snake.

Ok, here's "Masked Rider: The Next" poster
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V3 looks so freaking cool, I'm a Masked Rider fan, so basically, remakes of the series or movies just psyche me up, lolz.

And lastly, here are some trailers and some pretty wacky clips on Masked Rider.

Masked Rider: The First Trailer

Masked Rider 1 versus Masked Rider 2

Masked Rider: The Next trailer(Freaking Cool!!!!)

When Smackdown meets Masked Rider:
Masked Rider Kabuto vs Masked Rider Stronger

When Smackdown Meets Masked Rider #2:
Masked Rider V3 vs Riderman(he has Shawn Michaels entrance, OMG......)

Lastly, seriously, the most LMAO clip, Masked Rider in GTA, WTF!!!!!

Basically, the people who did these clips have to much time on their hands, but they do bring us entertainment, hahaz. But the wrestling 1 is really swt, enjoy the clips, tata, till next time!!!

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