Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Back For a Few Moments.

Back blogging in this blog after being absent for a while, this blog stuck with me for 2 years d, I'm not letting it go that easily, just don't find anything much to blog about nowadays, not going out so often and there is not much material for me to blog about.

Now is STPM time and I have really got not much time left to study and get back in gear for STPM. I just hope I can do better for the last government exam in my life(I think....). Last exam taken in a school uniform you know. My high school days are ending, wow, thats amazing, 7 years in high school and its finally ending. Time to spread my wings and soar away from the place that is Chung Ling.

2 more months and the free time I have will be too much for me to handle. So 2 more months guys, and everything will be over and a new chapter will be written in my life.

These 2 years have made me realise a lot of things, I just hope I can repent and learned what I have done wrong and also repeat what I had done right and apply it in future endeavours.

Wow, it would be exciting to see what is in store for me in 2 months time.

Till next time everybody, bye....