Saturday, March 13, 2010

Another random post

Hahaz, since nobody visits this blog anymore, I thought I'd jz randomly post whatever I want here. I removed the Cbox since its being filled up with mindless spam anyway.

Life's been normal again, it has its ups and downs, thought the downs seems to be persistent to show themselves more often. Sometimes I really feel like an empty vessel, sitting alone looking at the stars, hoping that someone will be able to enjoy them with me. Honestly, I really hope to find someone that I can share my happiness with, to what little degree the happiness it may be. I don't know, maybe years of being by myself had really made me want to try and experience another side of life.

Been trying very hard to improve my English though I constantly get bombarded by my mom for not being open minded enough. I am trying hard and hope that 1 day she will change that perception of me.

In 2 months, I'll be going of to KL, kind of depressing when I think of it, I will be leaving the comfort of my home. But sometimes, I get excited when I think about going to KL, something new, a new environment, but not a new life, my life baggages will follow me wherever I go, no such thing as a new life, unless I die and get reborn again.

Been having a lot of dreams lately, and they are really sweet and nice dreams, somehow hinting that something good is about to happen soon. I really hope that its true. The continual waiting has been freezing up my heart more and more and I seem to no longer be able to find the strength to go forward anymore, though I know I will go forward anyway. Contradicting aren't I?

Interestingly, I've been meeting different kinds of people lately and sometimes they really open my eyes to a lot of things, about how people can sometimes be so ignorant, while some give me the impression of being very mature.

I know this post is really random, but this blog is a place for me to write everything I want, whatever philosophy I have learnt, for every thought that I have, its all written here. In either good or horrible English, hahaz, you be the judge if you are reading this.

Till next time, tataz.