Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Time of ending STPM is near.

STPM is coming to a close, 4 more papers and freedom is ours. I know good leaders only rejoice after the war has ended(as said in chinese sayings), but whoever said I was a real good leader? Hahaz. Anyway, the 1 and a half year spent studying for exam, fooling around with form 6 buddies and going through an amazing growing up experience is finally about to end. My 7 year high school life has finally ended and its finally time to face the real world.

What I meant by the "real world" is that we do not have high school to shield us from anything else anymore, we are gorwing into young adults. What we face in school were just things on a minor scale, but most of us seem to think that that is the worst things in life and things will never get any worse. But that's normal for any human being, because we will only know what is real hardhsip when we really face it. When something that is hard to take comes along at that particular moment, we regard that as the worse of things to happen. I do hope i learn from my Form 6 experience and grow up more to become a stronger and more stable person.

And for people who know me, they know what I prioritize most during high school, yup, I don need to explain further, either you know or don't know(its something you can surely guess). Past postings on this blog has made in clear as to what I've been facing through the past year and a half. The answer has been given by my stubborn self does not want to accept the answer, because I keep thinking there is that lingering hope that there is still some chance for the flower to blossom and to become the most beautiful flower in the world. I still hope, I admit, but what if it comes out with no results? Well, that's up to god to decide for me ain't it? I only can take the opportunity to try and give it my best but the rest its up to him whether the red line has already been tied up. I hope i can change your mind, I really do, but if you do not change, who am I to criticise you? It was my fault that we ended up like this, I made the mistakes, you may be as cold as an iceberg, but I don't know what draws me to you too, you're like a "magnetic" iceberg where I'm the Volcano drawn towards you. The Ice Princess and The Prince Of Sahara? I wonder if this story will ever continue down? If we go our separate ways, I wish the best in life, you may never read this, but hey, you have a better chance of reading this here that in my other blog. I won't do anything stupid as to write something embarassing here because I don't wish you to hate me but to at least treat me as a good friend. You will always have a place in my heart, that place prepared for you. And if we go our separate ways, you will always be remembered as the Princess that tamed the Prince of Sahara's heart.

That's all for now, till after STPM and pictures will be up, hoping to buy a DSLR, lolz.