Thursday, February 05, 2009

My Story Blog.

I have an alternative blog, a story blog if you will, and would hope you would visit that blog too. It's An Asian Story:

the chapters are:
Chapter 1:The 1st moments in Japan
Chapter 2:The 1st meeting
Chapter 3:A chance meeting
Chapter 4:Yo Brother!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Argh, short paid.

Damn I got short paid at my work, din give my double for CNY, *TOOOOOOT*. I seriously hope its an honest mistake, because we worked our asses off last week during CNY and there must be some justification cos its insane working last week, sumore my parents objected me going to work last week, sumore i din get my pay. 

Nothing much happen this week except the fact I bought my 1st Gundam!!!! A Strike Freedom Gundam, Pics will be up soon just as soon as I finish it, its 80% complete, finally, I have a gundam of my own!!!!! Yahoo!!!

Tung'z signing off for now, still missing.....