Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What a week and what a life...

Lolz, I had a lot of thinking time this week and its seriously not doing well to my psyche, been thinking too much d, a mind with a lot of input and no output can really overload.

Been trying to write to get my mind of things and listening to Kpop also helps me a lot. And for the 1st time in weeks, i listened to Mandarin music again, though its not sticking and I still reverted back to listening Kpop more.

Worried sick about my results and its driving me nuts, I just want to pass so that I do not have to spend a bundle on another semester's fees again. I'm actually quite excited about the new semester, waiting for it to start, although some lecturers who are coming back are a little less than stellar, but what the heck, it's better to view something positively than negatively.

I guess life has been fine for me, dull though, honestly speaking. Been doing my new year resolutions, such as running to keep myself healthy and writing to improve my english. Successful with the running part and I'm still writing now and have been learning a lot of new English words.

I guess I'm still looking for something to click in for me, music has been doing me good, if there was no music in my life, I think my life would be very much worse, hahaz, music is indeed my life.

Hmm, this is really random i know, but this blog is for me to be randomly writing what, hahaz.

Till next time, bye bye!!