Monday, April 28, 2008

More Pics From Super Mario Galaxy.....

Here are more screenshots from Super Mario Galaxy, since I already downloaded the photos, might as well post them up.

Remember that we use to squish this guy in the Super Mario World games? Ya, this time, it's his turn to squish us.....

Another Grand Star found!!!!!!

The Ultimate enemy, Bowser!!!!!!!

We're here to save you princess peach!!!!!

Mario choosing a galaxy to fly to.

Thats it for today!!!! Till Tomorrow!!!!

Tag Replies:
Crystal: it's in msps, rehearsal

Wei Jing: I hope so too, it's quite near STPM d at that time.

cher: Lolz, I heard a few of her songs before only, maybe I should listen more, hahaz, and exam is getting near what!!!

LogicYuan: So who do you think her voice resembles?

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