Sunday, April 20, 2008

1st Time Blogging On My Bed, With Ma Laptop,

Yup, my desktop just go screwed left and right due to some stupid software which renders my computer soundless, so i'm here blogging with my laptop on my bed, which is kinda cool actually, feels more comfortable.

3 more weeks till exam, short period of time, which naturally causes tension in every Form 6 student in Chung Ling High School right now, including yours truly. Which kinds of pop up the question, do I really have much time left to catch up to every topic? Argh, headache, what to do, I chose Form 6 what, have to go on and on.

Everybody does not have time to talk anymore, even chatting is a prob sometimes, everybody is just so packed with studies, and everybody has turned super quiet which kinda makes you wanna go quiet too. Haiz... sien lor, study also sien, work that time mah gai hor? Hehez...

Ok, till next time, do catch the Speed Racer trailer i put below!!!!

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