Monday, March 17, 2008

Holiday is over and results have come in.

Holidays are over, and being a blogger, I actually din update my blog at all through the whole course of the holidays. And since my blog has become more of a journal, I just write in it whenever I have the mood to write, and today is 1 of those times. Results have come in, shockingly, I got very good results in my biology paper(thank god!!) but if course, I flunked my maths paper so badly, but luckily not the lowest in school this time, hehez. Well, seems like I and a fewother friends were the only one's cruising and relaxed after eceiving our results, the rest were like so tensed and worried, i know i should be, but somehow, I know there is still a chance for me to come back, though I need to work so freaking hard to get there, phew, what to do, I chose Form 6 right? wakakakakaz.

Anyway, I skipped 2 classes of biology today, giving the excuse that I had to finish my project, I just wanted to stay and spend time with someone, missed seeing her throughout the whole duration of the holidays. I know I should keep my distance, but there is no harm in just chatting right? Just a small chat with her cheers me up so much, I loved talking to her today, it was quite amazing, though like I said, it was just small talk.(Luckily teacher forgot what he had already taught us and taught the class birds again, so luckily I skipped class.) I know sometimes, I'm being to obvious, so I'm still trying to tone down a lot. In a great mood today, lolz.

By the way, during the holidays, I went out with a few of my friends but I no longer find the outings exciting or fun anymore, feels like its missing a lot of things, going out watching movies no longer akes me happy, singing in redbox is also not that fun anymore, kinda like lost the zest already. Oh well, as we grow up, our interests change, what to do. Ok I will write until here today, till next time.


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