Saturday, March 22, 2008


Thinking back about this week, it has been an eventful week actually, a lot of things happen that made me happy and also sad. I found out that as you grow up, things become clearer and you start to get more serious with things, for example, in studies, in life, romances, everything becomes more serious, and also, I experienced my 1st blush while talking about someone, that has never happened before, feels good at times. :-) I'm like getting more and more serious about this crush. Lolz, I might look back at this blog 1 day and laugh about what I just wrote, but somehow, I don't wish that to happen, I don't wish for it to become a laughing matter in the end. Is perseverance really going to reward me? Or basically I should let it go just to avoid further heart breaks? And thinking back, I don't really understand her yet, I wish to. Maybe we're not compatible, maybe we're total opposites that don't even compliment each other. But if I never try to make it a reality, how would I know? Looking on the bright side, we could be the best thing that ever happened in this world. But what the heck, time is still on my side, we'll see how everything unfolds.

Ok, seriously, I got to start posting some pictures, look, I've uploaded the Japan pics and they'll be up soon, till next time

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