Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Superb Mistakes and Watching From Afar.....

2nd day and I found out that I blew my Biology essay by writing in point form!!!!!! Damn!!!!! I have always written in point form, no teacher told me, so this time, I'm probably gonna get screwed left and right, top to bottom. My mom just told me that I was the only 1 who can be blamed, and she's right, its entirely my fault, should have asked before I started the test, haiz...... Dang, bad results for this exam again, sucks...... ok, here goes the record for now, PA X, Bio X, Muet ok, Chem X, Maths is sure gonner, so hmm, I wonder now, how hard am I gonna die? Lolz.

The watching from afar part, lolz ya, you know what I'm talking about. I can watch from afar. I like watching from afar sometimes, she looks cute, hahaz. Hate to see her frown though, she always has that frowning face when she's stressed, and I can't do anything about it. If i were to go near abit, I think she would say that I treat her to good, so, again, DISTANCE...... I still wish her all the best, and I still love seeing her smile.... I might 1 day look back at this and laugh to myself, though I hope what I'm dreaming now becomes a reality.

Till tomorrow, tataz!!!

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