Friday, February 22, 2008

Pressure, Tests and Others.

Lolz, my blog has been reduced to words and thoughts, hahaz, what to do, not in the mood of uploading pics and updating about japan. Struggling with maths and Chem, PA feels so boring and the only subjects i can study are Bio and MUET which has nothing to do with STPM(MUET that is). Not sleeping all day if you think I am, I have been studying, just not as much as planned, though trying to hit my target as soon as possible, and I do have the confidence i can do well in my STPM exam, not school exams(I'm dead this time anyway, serious, not being pessimistic or anything, just take it as a normal exercise for me, to get better) Not to comfort myself or anything, it is undeniable that people who have failed a lot in life, if they find the determination, will succeed in the end. Hey we know we failed, at least we know what victory feels like, sweet and rewarding. Kinda feels like I'm growing up more and more these few days, more calm and although may be a bit emo, but thats just part of growing up i guess. Still, its hard to start stufying I tell you, I have to force myself to switch off the TV and sit down and study, though I only sit for an hour, but at least I'm going somewhere, I'm not going to take months, but I will try my best to get myself into studying groove as soon as possible, I know i have a lot of friends out there rooting for me, and I love them for that, hahaz, especially my best pals Logica, Koolz, Law, Chien Yee, Edwardz, Kuang Ze, Ghann, there are so many, I can't list them all out, I will try my best, pls have faith in me, I'm trying!!!! Oh and of course, also have My Loving Family who has always supported me throughout my life, I thank them so much!!!!! Mom and Dad! Love Ya!!!!

Till next time, ta!!!!

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Ji Yuan said...

You Can If You Think You Can!

I strongly believe in you!