Saturday, May 03, 2008

May 4th, My Birthday and My Mom's, Finally 19th years-old....

Lolz, finally, im officially 19 years-old!!! Nothing much to be ecstatic about, i mean, with the taxing year coming along, lolz, its good for my mother however, lolz I wish her all the best!!!!! And I will of course try to provide her with something to smile about next year, that is my grades., for STPM, wish me luck everybody and I wish you all the best of luck too, in life!!!!

Resolutions in my 19th year as a human:
1.Being more assertive in my decisions, choices and opinions.
2.Study well of course, which is getting much & much more better d.
3.Update my blog more often!!!! kekez.
4.Get my priorities right and hopefully, I'm able to rectify mistakes I've done for the past year, and hopefully, uhmmm, you noe lar....

Ok, that's it for now, and I leave you all off with a song which I really like and can be found in my friend Chun Ching's page too(the link is by the side), till next time, happy lives to you all!!!!

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