Sunday, October 15, 2006

A Good Movie To Watch: The Prince Of Tennis

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Lolz, went to Ji Yuan's place for tuition yesterday and after the tuition, we went to his comp and he let us watch a few movies. 1 particularly caught my eye, and that was of course the movie stated at the top, "The Prince Of Tennis". Prince Of Tennis I think originated from a comic series that turned into an anime. The stunts in this show is exaggerated but kinda fun to watch. If anybody ever played tennis like in the movie, tennis would become the most watched sport in history, even beating football. Though I don't play tennis and don't watch the real matches, this was very entertaining and I would recommend you guys to download(for those who never watched it yet, maybe I might be out of date, lolz.....). Ok then, see you next time!!!!

You can go to to download the torrent, to find the torrent, you would have to type "wang qiu wang zi" in chinese, happy downloading!

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