Thursday, May 24, 2007

American Idol Ends.....

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American Idol has finally come to an end, and the winner is Jordin Sparks(pics below).
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Wondering why I have no enthusiasm over the win? Well, ain't it obvious? I wanted the other guy that was Blake Lewis(pic below) to win the contest.
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Although Jordin totally beat Blake in vocal power, but Blake's charisma and showmanship on the stage showed that he was a better and more entertaining performer than Jordin. Though dissapointed with the result, I still give thumbs up to Jordin's amazing vocal's. Here's a clip from Blake's 1st song, He's own rendition of Bon Jovi's, "You Give Love A Bad Name", damn cool beatbox moves. And the American Idol final song from both of the contestants. Till next time, tata!!!!!

Beatbox Mania

This Is My Now: Blake's Version

This Is My Now: Jordin's Version

P.S: The difference is quite clear between the 2 singers for the last song.

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