Friday, September 14, 2007

Jaclyn Victor Wishes Me Luck!!!!

Ok, this is just freaking cool ok? My friend Shaz was looking at my blog when Jaclyn Victor walked in, she saw my blog and did a small video for my blog thanking me, this is so so so so so coool!!!!!!!! Lost for words, here's the vid, i'm not sleeping tonight, bwahahahaha!!!!!!

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teddY said...

Hey Yintung how are you doing lately? It've been a long time since I was here... thanks to the exams. It's almost over, with 1 more paper to go. Anyway congratulations for having Jacly Victor to feature your blog in her video :) can anything be cooler than that?

Just realised that you've changed blog address. Relinked. Will drop by soon! Take care. Hugggs!

P.S. Gosh I miss you and your Penang friends! We have not even meet since the exchange programme ended >< awww!