Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Decisions, decisions......

Haiz, really confused sometimes, I quit my job to spend time wif my friend but on the other hand get scolded by my mother on how i quit my job and keeps loafing around the house. The matter of fact is, I don't hate my job, I'm ok with it, but I'm also perfectly fine without it. I don't spend like crazy and I don't need a job to fil my time in the end, I realised. My best friends came back and its a rare thing to get to spend time with all of them together so I made the decision to quit my job.

Ya, some of you may think its a lame reason as to why I quit my job, to all of those who think that, seriously, I don't really mind what you think, only my parent's opinions I take into account. Because after this year, we might not be this close again, we're finally really going our separate ways and don't know how long before we will get to meet each other again.

Sometimes, just leave me alone. I don't wish to grow older only to realise that I have lost my friends when I was younger because I did not keep in touch. Time and space are things that once used, you can never recreate or materialise in the future, I wish to cherish this moment, no matter the consequences or the "opportunity cost" like economists say, enjoy my young adult life while it lasts, I'm not gonna be 20 forever now...


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