Wednesday, October 14, 2009

1st time i support a group that has Uber lot of Antifans

Lately, I've been listening a lot to a Korean girl group named Girl's Generation, So Nyuh Shi Dae in Korean. I love their songs because of their upbeat melody and cheery squeaky clean image. I have to admit that their singing may not be the best or even sometimes average, but what the heck, I am entertained by their performances. Ya, I know I know, lots of you would think that they did lots of plastic surgery just to get to the stage and be so beautiful and you're probably right you know, most singers and groups do that now.

1 day while scrolling through Youtube, I found an anti-fan video and decided just to google how many Anti-fan results will I find there and my god, to my shock, there 83,400 results there, and there is so much hate and effort put into those websites that my god, it really makes you wonder whether these people really believe they are fighting for the greater good or are they just really insane. I mean, you can really see the hate that they include in their messages and comments and they can literally pick out every mistake that SNSD makes during their performances and completely blame SNSD that it was because of them that they left the world of K-pop forever.

Viewing these sites, I literally feel that humans really have a big weakness where they only see the bad things and never the good things. Sheesh, I was quite upset a few days ago, when I saw the sites, degrading SNSD like that. Now, I just feel, I don't know, can't say that I'm sorry for them or whatever. It just feels like a waste of energy you know, to even make yourself so worked up about something that you dislike and to point out every stupid detail that does not mean a thing to the world. No matter what, I will still continue to support SNSD for now, until 1 day, if they really prove that they are the "Bitches" that the anti-fans claim, we'll see.

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