Saturday, October 24, 2009

Wow, irritating.....

My auntie is the symbol of irritating and I'm writing this with her just in the room beside. Seriously, she has not that much of a common sense and bad timing. I'm just so tired after going out the whole day.

Irritation scenario for today was that she is watching TV in my room at 12.40am when I want to go and sleep and don't even bother to get out of my room yet. Then nvm, so I just kept quiet and play on my computer. She is watching the show suddenly ask me, "Hey, you dont want watch meh? I thought you like to sing 1?" then I mah say,"Don't want lar, not all of them can sing well, I don't want to give judgment." She then replied in a fucking sarcastic tone,"I feel they sing so well, hmph."

She said that, but spent the whole time complaining how bad the singers are, walau, seriously, she is so, dono how to say. After that, she said,"Next time i put your name inside, for you to go cho siao nia(meaning, since you will confirm be kicked out 1). Hey, I know I don't have the best voice around, no need to put in so hard like that damn it. Damn she is really irritating!!!!

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