Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Back to the PS2

Finally a post for my blog, hahaz, long time din post here d. Well, the holidays have been fun, December was a hectic month for me but compared to January, it is a totally different thing, January was relaxing, nothing much to do. So I went to find work at a place called Vintage Bulgaria, where sp far, has been an interesting experience as I met quite a lot of bloggers there, Minny and Eve visited the shop. But of course, they did not know who I was because I was not a high profile blogger and also because i don't join events hosted by bloggers hahaz. Anyway, aside from work, I also did something else which I did not have time to do during my Form 6 school days, GAMING!!!! My PS2 has returned me my former love for video games, some of the games I played are as follows:

Ok, this game kept me on it for only a while, can you imagine FIFA street kept me playing it for only 30 minutes? It was quite boring, I don't know why, I'd rather play football games like Winning Eleven somehow.

Ok, this game was some kind of a bore, for me, hahaz, Harvest Moon, I'm not the guy for this game, it was quite slow and boring for me, 15 minutes into the game, I switched off the console.

The Godfather!!! This game is actually just a clone of Grand Theft Auto, a real cut down version of GTA. You can still enjoy the game because of the storyline but the game will tend to get repetitive and will start to bore you in the end.

Aha!!! This game rocks, Even with the old PS2 console, the graphics for this game is still considered wicked!!! The fact that I'm using Donald, Goofy and Sora to save the Disney world again is so tempting. I did not finish this game the last time I played it and plan to finish it this time. So far, the game's been pretty entertaining. The only problem would be the amount of cut scenes in the game, THEIR TOO MUCH!!!! Hahaz, but its still fun.

Hmmm, after I've finished playing all my PS2 games? What am I gonna do? Lolz, maybe ask for a full time job, we'll see, till next time, tata!!!

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