Sunday, January 18, 2009

Blogging at 4am

Again, blogging at 4am, cant sleep, bue to the fact, that I stayed up pass the time that I was tired, you know the feeling where you were tired and wanted to sleep but you stayed pass that and in the end, could not get a wink of sleep? ya, that's happening to me now, so its OH SHIT!!!! I have tuition class to teach tomorrow and I'm wide awake now, I think I need something to make me go to

Oh well, since I'm up, might as well blog abit about my week. Not a bad week, work has been busy, customers flocked our restaurant on Saturday night making it a very busy night, with all the waiters rushing up and down the stairs taking the food that was ordered and serving them to customers. It was quite hectic and everybody was scrambling to get their orders right. Learned about the importance of patience, and always keeping a smile on your face no matter what happens. Went and met up with ghann and rijen they all Sunday morning for Dim Sum and we chatted for like 3 hours after we did not meet for a very long time, there may be a movie coming up this Friday, I'm not sure, but I've already got plans with another group, so I don't know if we can't come to an agreement anot, hehez. Life has been quite meaningful this week, though I did occasionally have to fight back some reoccuring feelings just to keep my day "peaceful", or else I'd be moping by the side of my room, wondering about "things" again. I've learnt that I have to go on with life and never put my life on hold for anybody, and so far, it's been doing well. Some thing else happened that was remarkable and I might be on the road to recovery soon. My sickness has healed but by the looks of the hour I'm sleeping, I might get sick again real soon. 

Ok, thats all for tonight, hahaz, going to sleep now!!! Nitez

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