Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Many Faces Of Spiderman!!!

For those of you who don't know, Spiderman was once accused of murder and had to go into hiding as he was really wanted by the authorities and by every bounty hunter in the world.(of course, with a 5 million dollar reward, which bounty hunter wouldn't want him?) With that, our web slinging hero(Peter Parker a.k.a Spiderman) needed a new identity, and he got 4 to be exact, hahaz, here are the identities:

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The 1st would be Ricochet, a superathlete with amazing agility and reflexes. While searching through a local thrift shop, Mary Jane Watson (Peter's girlfriend, obviously) discovered a leather jacket with an "R" on its back, using that insignia, its was a starting point for the new identity. Ricochet showed Peter Parker's wild side as Ricochet ain't exactly your law-abiding member of society.

The Hornet
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Peter, dressed as Spiderman, went and visited his good friend Hobie Brown, an electronics wizard and inventor. Hobie had recently invented a cybernetically controlled jetpack. This was perfect as it gave Spiderman a new identity. With ideas of his own, Peter designed some additional weapons and became "The Hornet". The Hornet's jetpack is so heavy that no normal human being could lift it, of course Spiderman had no problem, hehe....

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Spiderman had visited an alternate dimension called the Negative Zone a few weeks earlierand had acquired a costume that allowed him to merge with shadows and become practically invisible. To this Peter added a utility belt that contained gas, smoke and stun grenades. Then Peter decide to call this mysterious and dark persona of his, Dusk.... ooooo..... spooky

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Prodigy was the media darling, everybody loved him, possesing superhuman strength and a bulletproof costume, he could leap from building to building without fail. He was polite, honest and claim that with his powers, all he wanted to do was to help people. He achieved all the fame and respect that had always eluded Spiderman. He became the costumed champion that Peter had always wanted to become.

Peter in the end manged to prove his innocence and again continued with his crusade as the 1st persona that he portrayed and that was undoubtedly, Spiderman!!!!

What Happened to theother identities? They were later picked up by college students named Ritchie Gilmore(Prodigy), Johnny Gallo(Ricochet), Cassie St. Commons(Dusk) and Eddie McDonough(The Hornet). They formed the group called "The Slingers". And their story would be too long to explain as I am lazy to type that much right now, hahaz.

Remember, all the persona's on top are Peter Parker a.k.a Spiderman!!! He managed 4 identities at 1 time, and all the powers of the other persona's are actually just his spider powers, hahaz!!!!

Ok, till next time!!!! Tata!!!!

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teddY said...

Woah I never knew that much about Spiderman! Thanks for sharing such interesting snippets about his past... are you a Spiderman guru or something? Haha! Anyway sorry for replying your comments so late because my life is so jammed with school work! Gah!

Anyway I love your new blog layout! It's cute and interesting!