Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sorcerer Supreme: Dr Strange

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Here comes more Marvel stories!!!! This time its about the Sorcerer Supreme: Dr. Stephen Strange. I just watch the Marvel movie about him and it was quite a blast(definitely better than Rogue Assassin, uhum....), it was about how he became the Sorcerer Supreme and assumed leadership of the sorcerer clan destined to protect different dimensions. Here's a brief recap of the movie:

A jackass in the beginning, Dr Strange was a magnificient surgeon who was arrogant and lost all hope in life as he constantly blamed himself for the death of his sister. Turning cold and egotistic, he refused to help those who would not pay and became more and more materialistic year by year. But in a horrific accident, Dr. Strange lost the use of both his hands, he could no longer perform surgeries and was dependent on others. Desperate to find a cure for his hands, he spent all his savings and eventually went bankrupt, until 1 day a man named Wong found him while he was attempting suicide and gave him a 2nd chance to redeem himself and bring himself all the way up a mountian to find the Ancient 1. From here he learned to care for people and was humbled and took the name Dr' Strange Sorcerer Supreme!!!!!!

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