Thursday, August 16, 2007

Musical Treat: August Rush

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Came across this movie on the Freddie Highmore website, you may know the little chld actor from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, 5 Children and IT and Arthur and The Invisibles.August Rush tells the story of a charismatic young Irish guitarist (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) and a sheltered young cellist (Keri Russell) who have a chance encounter one magical night above New York’s Washington Square, but are soon torn apart, leaving in their wake an infant, August Rush, orphaned by circumstance. Now performing on the streets of New York and cared for by a mysterious stranger (Robin Williams), August (Freddie Highmore) uses his remarkable musical talent to seek the parents from whom he was separated at birth.. A touching story, Its out due October 19th 2007 and as 1 of Freddie's fans I'll be waiting for its release here in Malaysia, lolz. Its going to be musical treat and I really do hope it doesn't disappoint, lolz, anyway, do enjoy the trailer!!!! Till next time, tata!!!!

Music is everlasting..........No Music, No Life.....

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