Thursday, July 20, 2006

Big News From CLHS: 3 crushed, 1 survived!!!!

LOL, don't be alarmed, nobody got hurt, don't worry, the "victims" are motorcycles of my friends. As people in Penang would know, we had a heavy rainstorm this morning causing quite a bit of chaos, traffic jams, accidents and in our school, Falling Trees.

A tree branch that was quite big fell onto 4 motorcycles that was parked in the middle of the motorcycle parking lot. The owners were : Wen Jun, Andy Lee, Yi Ren and 1 unknown motorcycle(which we helped to pull out by the way). Anyway, as you can guess it, the owners were quite upset, especially Wen Jun(he was holding his head when he knew that he's bike was in jeopardy, you can imagine his face.

The incident happened when it was raining so we had to wait until the rain subsided before we can go and pull out the bikes. After the rain stopped, 6 people, Wen Jun, Me, Ming Cheang, Peng Sheng, Yi Ren and Jia Xiong went to pull out the bikes.

In a miracle case, Yi Ren's bike was still satnding as he had put there before the incident happened, LOL,the branch only scratched it, didn't knock it down. The rest wasn't that lucky, we had to pull them out and initially the 3 bikes couldn't start because they were waterlogged. Later after some rays of the warm sunshine, the bikes finally started and the owners can breathe a sigh of relief, lolz!

Well, it was lucky that no 1 got hurt, because if it had happened, i would have to type TRAGEDY at the top, and i don't wish to.....

No pictures were taken as I didn't bring my camera to school, lolz, and i don't know who else got bring, so i din take any pics. Let's just hope things like this don't ever happen again. But if they don't, where is the spice of life???LOL!!!!

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