Sunday, July 09, 2006

House Of The Dead 3: Shotgun Craze!!!!!

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House Of The Dead 3, lolz, it was cool!!!! Big Shotgun as a weapon, it even lets you reload the way a shotgun does, so cool, although it was damn hard, we used up so many tokens juz to get to the next level, guess we need to amp up on our skills lolz, but if you're an avid gamer and haven't try or even seen House Of The Dead 3, go check it out at Gurney Plaza, but mostly I think all have tried it out d, there is another HOTD 4, which is super hard, 4 tokens a game by the way, so prepare A LOT of change!!!! LOLZ

1 comment:

teddY said...

Wow. Oh I initally expect that you'll play Para Para Paradise... you didn't? Aww what a waste >.<

Haha =)