Monday, July 03, 2006

Love, Are We Ever Ready?

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A question asked by thousands of teens, but dreaded by parents every where. Some teens would go through their teenhood falling in and out of love, some, like yours trully, never does have a high school sweetheart. Reasons these people would give?
1. I want to concentrate on my studies.
2. My parents would not allow.
3. I don't want any now!!!
4. Its a burden.

Well, people may disagree with me, but what i think the real reason behind why these people don't find a partner is because they haven't exactly found THE person where he/she could sweep them of their feet, even just by talking to them. Or, they could just be so mature, that even looking for friends is hard for them, hahaz. Anyway the force of love is something where every human being in the world succumb to, no matter how mature you are, how spiritually strong you are. Those who lie to themselves would say, "I would never fall in love", or "I'm just a heartless person, I won't fall in love", usually they have a back story to it, they probably had a very bad experience before or they just want to keep their pride and how many man have died or fallen foolishly just because of pride.

Of course falling in love doesn't mean when you walk along the street, see someone beautiful and then just fall in love with her like that instantly. Thats not love, thats just a small attraction because that person is pretty, and BE WARNED!! Pretty faces doesn't mean their kind-hearted inside, their usually witches in disguise, but this doesn't apply to every pretty face of course. The only time you fall in love is when you experince these "symptoms"; when you think of that person, you get butterflies in your stomach, you can't sleep or eat if you haven't seen that person in a very long time, when you talk to that person you just naturally get tongue-tied, you have to think before you speak to that person, means prepare your conversations, and when that person is talking to another love rival, you get so jealous that it feels like eating you up from inside. If you've experience this, big chance is that you're in LOVE, hahaz!!!

For teens who think their in love, just think over and over again whether you're really in love, or just a small puppy love towards your partner. Just because she's pretty and she's you girlfriend, doesn't mean you're IN-LOVE with her, evaluate how much you love her first, don't lie to yourself, and also to her. But if you do already fall in-love, just make sure there is a fine line between love and work, because these 2 things can seriously have an effect on each other. Okiez, over and out!!!

Small quote from High School Musical, Gabriella Montez
"Do you remember the time when we were in kindergarten, where we've never met each other before in our whole life, but just after 10 seconds of talking to each other suddenly we are the best of friends?", life was simple back when we were kids wasn't it? Hahaz.

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