Thursday, July 20, 2006

Driving Lessons A Horror For Me!!!!!

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Haiz, it has been about 6 lessons and i still can't get a hang of driving a car "safely" on the road. The instructor gets worried everytime I drive, its like having a ton of bricks on your back and you're suppose to keep your eyes on the road and concentrate on driving, haiz.....

My experience last time was that I almost hit a car on the way out of an intersection, man, the instructor got so pissed that he immediately told me to drive home, guess he was really getting scared, lolz. Now I'm just trying to make sure that i get my head straight whenever I'm going driving, so that I can pass my test and finally get out on the road. Don't worry, by that time i won't be so hazardous anymore, confirm will be better and more safe, lolz, the clas is this Saturday, wish me luck!!!!!!

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