Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Prom Nite,Is It Going To Be A Lonely Affair???

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I bought the ticket for "The Perfect Rendezvous" at the end of the school year,meaning the CLHS school prom. RM 70, yikes!!!! (RM5 rebate, lolz). Well, i bought just 1, cause as you know it, I might be going alone(most probably anyway, sobs...). all is not lost, because I still got a few months more to get a date to go, but with trial exams and SPM coming along, I pretty much don't have much time to think about this stuff, hahaz. Here's the ticket that i bought, pretty nice an classy the way its designed:

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Even now I see some of my friends fighting to take "certain" girls to the prom, and its still like 5 months away, dudes!!!! Get a grip, their not going anywhere, they will still be where they are, lolz!!!! Anyway, for those who don't have dates and want a date, i wish ya good luck and hope you find 1, lolz!!!

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